Everyone wants to feel more energetic and fitter. Yet our busy life, work or family not always allows us to take the time for enough exercise, sports or ourselves. Exercise ensures that you feel better about yourself, get more energy, confidence and job satisfaction. Our CardoXclusive personal training is exclusively focussed on you. You will work with our personal trainers on your health, fitness and especially the pleasure of moving in a goal-oriented way. We make sure that you leave the gym with a good feeling every time. Whether it concerns a 1 on 1 training or a small group training with 2 or 4 people, our training method is always accustomed to the person and also with several people, we adjust our program to your personal level.

At CardoXclusive, you are in the spotlights. You exercise in our private gym, with the best materials and equipment adjusted to your goals. You work on yourself without distraction in a personal and varied way and with a high fun factor. Let’s get acquainted quickly.


Personal training is so much more than an hour of intensive exercise. At CardoXclusive we start with an introduction and health check before we get started with your goals. This way we know who you are, what you can handle and what you want to achieve. For us, fun always comes first. With our personal attention and years of experience, we know better than anyone how you can achieve your goals. With varying one-on-one training courses, we ensure that you achieve your goals in no time. We give you advice, motivate you and above all ensure that you enjoy moving. We work on your fitness in a goal-oriented way. We ensure that you are fit and leave the gym with a good feeling. Our training method is always tailored to the person. Would you like to train with your own friend or group of friends? Then small group personal training is something for you. Our personal trainers motivate and advise you and give you just that little push if you need it. Meet the personal trainers of CardoXclusive now.